Established 1989 and still going strong!

Cleaning World was established in 1989 in Cape Town, South Africa.

We began as a small business looking for opportunities in the Cleaning Industry and in1994 we imported our first container of Vacuum Cleaners. This was the beginning of  greater things to come.

Since that day, we have visited exhibitions and factories all around the world searching for new ideas and new manufacturing suppliers to help our customers have the best cleaning equipment and systems available. A trip to the East in 2002 was a great success and gave Cleaning World the opportunity to break into the market to start competing against the larger companies. In 2006, we decided to expand and opened our Johannesburg branch, and a year later, realising that we needed a stronger national presence, our Durban branch.

Today we are a national supplier and an international importer of the finest cleaning equipment and accessories. We import from the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Holland, Denmark, Spain, Turkey, China, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Pakistan and India.

We pride ourselves in supplying the best quality product at the most reasonable price.

We supply certified colour-coded equipment for HACCP complying industries (Hazard Analysis at Critical Control Points).

We are the sole importers for 95% of the equipment we supply.

Our Wide Range of Products

The largest and certified range of colour coded brooms, brushes and utensils for the industry to comply to HACCP requirements.

Floor cleaning equipment ranging from:

  • Single disc scrubber/polishers,
  • Walk behind and drive- on scrubber dryers
  • Walk behind and drive-on sweepers
  • Mopping and janitorial trolleys (which can be colour-coded to suit each customers’ requirements)
  • Largest range of mops and sweepers in microfiber and cotton, also colour-coded to suit any system.

Vacuum cleaning machines from the smallest and quietest to the largest mobile and fixed central systems

High Pressure cleaning machines and accessories from mobile, central fixed systems to trailer mounted units

Dispensing units and systems (Soap, foamers, boot washers etc)

Flexible hoses which are certified food grade, to supply the wine and food industry and any other specialised hoses that an industry requires.


Hillbrush Hygiene, Eureka, Fimap, Tricoflex, Bertolini, Lavor


Cape Town