What is Cleaning Block?

Cleaning Block is an ecological product manufactured with glass treated at high temperatures and with the latest technologies, in a process similar to Nature’s in the formation of volcanic pumice stone.

Cleaning Block are environmentally friendly scouring stones used for cleaning purposes and are manufactured at different densities.

The Perfect Cleaning Tool

Thanks to the exclusive manufacturing process of POLYDROS, S.A., a totally hygienic and bacteria free product is obtained, with powerful properties that remove encrusted grease and dirt, ideal to get rid of the most stubborn grime, specially from flat-top griddles, grills, wc, pools, oven trays and other kitchen or cooking utensils made of iron or steel.

Ecological product

Cleaning Block is made from recycled materials. It is completely non-toxic, non allergenic, odourless, safe for skin and harmless to health. It is completely safe for drains, for cooking surfaces and environmentally friendly!

The Most Effective Tool

Thanks to the multi-walled structure of Cleaning Block, its power to get rid of encrusted grease and dirt is exceptional, so that you get fast and efficient cleaning. The abrasive power of Cleaning Block is so great that it will work with the most stubborn dirt when other cleaning tools and/or chemicals fail!

Cleaning Block – Properties

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