Eureka E81 Walk behind Scrubber Dryer


Economical and Ecological

Economy + Ecology = Labour savings + using less water & detergents. The ECO configuration is the top of the range. The Eureka Eco-system, has been designed to guarantee impressive labour, water and detergent savings, and boasts a productivity rate 3 times greater than traditional systems.

E81 – Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer
It’s a rugged, professional walk-behind scrubber-dryer, ideal for the thorough cleaning of areas ranging between 3500 sq/mt and 5000 sq/mt. It has a cleaning path of 810 mm, and it’s equipped with a twin brush scrub deck which, combined to a 4,5 km/h speed, boasts an area coverage of 3.650 sq/m/h. The E81 is available in ECO, M and TRAC configuration.

The ECO configuration is the top of the range.


Eureka Eco System
With the exclusive Eco system, we have a unique method to utilize water in such a way that you will increase productivity and thus reduce time squandered in emptying/refilling operations. Additionally, this permits you to minimize the quantity of both cleaning detergent and water necessary for performing the task. Hence a vast increase in productivity and a reduction in labour costs.

Robust Structure
Made from a durable sanded chassis,treated with Zinc Phosphate and finally coated with thermo-hardened paint.

Stainless Steel Dust Filter
It protects the vacuum-motor against dust/debris to ensure more durability and lasting life.

Intuitive Multi-Function Display
Multi-function display with intuitive controls.

On-Board Battery Charger
The battery charger is available as standard on all models.

Die-Cast Aluminium Head
Die-cast aluminium head, with bumpers and self-levelling splash-guard.

The Drying System
Its shape is of significant importance as its primary function is to pick up dirty water with the aid of a vacuum motor. It is, in fact ,when the drying takes place that that work is optimised, as when one eliminates the soiled water all that is guaranteed to remain is a brilliantly clean and shiny surface. Other important variables that were taken into consideration when designing the squeegee were: materials chosen, parabolic shape, variable positioning points.

Available Versions
E81 M (Mechanic – electronic free)

Fields of Application
Industrial sites, communities and vicinities, schools, offices, religious buildings, hospitals, public buildings, airports, ports, shopping malls, logistical depots, cleaning companies, and multi services.

Suitable Cleaning Surfaces
Ceramics, marble, cement/concrete, linoleum, non-slip surfaces, porcelain tiling, and many other dirty conditions