Eureka E50 Walk Behind Scrubber / Dryer


The E50 is a professional walk-behind scrubber-dryer, ideal for the thorough cleaning of small to medium size areas.

The E50 has a cleaning width of 50 cm which, combined with a 4.3 km/h speed, boasts an area coverage of up to 2150 m2/h. It is available with a 24V battery system or mains power cord. Additionally, traction can be brush assisted or fully automatic (TRAC versions).

High capacity tanks (solution: 40 L; recovery: 50 L) maximise productivity and scrub time, and battery charging is fast, safe and simple with the on-board charger. The E50 is specifically designed to be easy to use, and to enable businesses with limited budgets to acquire the efficiency and reliability of a Eureka cleaning machine at a price that can be justified and afforded.


The Eureka “Start & Go” Experience

1. Turn the key “ON”
2. Press the Brush/Suction buttons
3. Pull the drive bar & go!

No-Hassle Maintenance
Easily cleanable solution and recovery tanks.
The recovery tank is equipped with a unique drain valve to control the flow of dumped water, as well as with an efficient anti-drip device.
Easily removable water filter.

EDS (Eureka Dosing System)
The optional ESCS (Eureka Solution Control Stop-Valve) cuts off or activates the flow of solution upon brush command, thus further decreasing the excess use of water & chemicals.

Built-In Storage Compartment
Built-in storage compartment on hood is a clever way to maximise the use of available space, and help operators to focus only ontheir cleaning environment.

High Performance Squeegee
Even around 180-degree turns, the E50 equal-pressure, fast airspeed parabolic squeegee recovers all cleaning solution from the floor. It is made of steal and it can be adjusted “tool-free”. In addition the most powerful vac motor in its class (0.64 hp) means water recovery (1250mm water lift) leaves cleaned spaces ready for pedestrian traffic immediately.

Anti-Foam Device
E50 is equipped with an efficient anti-foam device to prevent any damage to the vacuum-motor.

Tool Free Fast Checking/Replacing of Batteries
E50 is equipped with an exclusive system which allows for a tool-free, fast checking/replacing of batteries. Additionally, the on-board charger makes battery re-charging fast, safe and simple.

Water Filter
The water filter (optional on base versions) can be easily removed for rinsing purposes.

Electronic Free
Simple, hassle-free, electronic-free controls mean operators do not need any specific training, and can focus solely on their cleaning environment.

The E50 and E55 now come equipped as standard with automatic brush coupling, allowing you to change the brush or abrasive pad in just a few simple steps.

Versions Available
E50 B (24V Battery)
E50 B TRAC (Electronic-free Mechanical)
E50 C (Cord Powered – unlimited running time)

Fields of Application
Restaurants, kitchens, swimming pools, locker rooms, cafes and bars, hospitals, clubs, small factories, supermarkets, drugstores and many more small to medium size areas.

Suitable Cleaning Surfaces
Ceramic tiles, marble, cement, linoleum, porcelain tiles, rubber floors, on any kind of dirt.