Eureka E46 Walk Behind Scrubber / Dryer


E46 Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer
The E46 is Eureka’s compact walk-behind scrubber-dryer, ideal for thorough cleaning of small and medium-sized areas that you could not clean before; it is suitable for areas between 200 m² and 1,500 m².


Small Encumbrance, Exceptional Productivity

With a scrubbing width of 460 mm and speed of 3,5 km/h, the E46 guarantees a cleaning capacity of 1.600 m²/h.

The E46 is available either driven by 2 X 12 volt sealed batteries, which allow for up to an impressive 2h40 minutes of continuous operation, or cord powered, for unlimited running time. The machine can be easily folded for easy transportation and storage.

The brush, or the abrasive pad, can be rapidly replaced without the need for tools. The water hose and the vacuum hose are incorporated within the handle bar, for better protection, simpler maintenance, and easier detachment of the recovery tank.

For safety reasons, the E36 can be turned on and off with a convenient key. The handle bar can be adjusted to height for better operator comfort. The controls are fully visible and very intuitive.


Ergonomic handles and grips eliminate weariness and boost operator comfort. Powerfully scrub around obstacles with the E46 highly maneuverable handle.

Cut down the danger of slip-and-fall accidents with excellent water pick up, leaving floors clean and dry.

Removable tanks ensure easy filling, emptying and cleaning, even in the most awkward locations.

The machine can be easily folded for easy transportation and storage.