Tricoflex 12mm Thermoclean® AL 20


Hot water cleaning hose for medium pressure (20 bar to 70°C). Four layer structure. Non-staining blue outer cover with high resistance polyester fibre reinforcement. Special intermediate adhesive layer and white inner layer with high temperature performance.

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Material properties used to manufacture Thermoclean AL 20 make it a high performance, safe and reliable hose capable to withstand heavy duty applications:

  • high temperature performance (up to 70°C under 20 bar continuously, peaks possible up to 80°C);
  • four highly flexible polymer components provide excellent handling;
  • non-staining blue outer cover is resistant to oils, grease and detergents;
  • food-grade quality.


  • Industrial cleaning in industry and food industry


  • Food processing industries (dairies,slaughterhouses…)
  • Local communities (canteens, refectories, kitchens…)
  • Shopkeepers (butcher’s,fish shops, markets…)

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