Lavorpro GV ETNA 4000

The GV Etna high performance 3kW, single phase, industrial steam generator incorporating a powerful 1100-watt vacuum for removing dissolved debris after degreasing, cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising all types of hard surfaces. The Etna VAC is ideal for cleaning commercial kitchens, food factories, pharmaceutical and mechanical industries and also for chewing gum removal from public areas.

Produces high pressure saturated steam at 7 bar (101 psi) and at 165c. This model of the GV produces a whopping 3.5 kg of steam per hour. Water tank capacity is 5 litres and the detergent tank capacity is 5 litres. Initial heating time is 7 minutes. It can be refilled at anytime to give uninterrupted use. Weight 32 kg. Complete with full accessories.

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